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Notice of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce on Strengthening the Application and Management of the National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System
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Information of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce on Strengthening National Enterprise Credit

Notification of system application and management

Industrial and Commercial Enterprise Supervision (2018) No. 25


All provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government Administration for Industry and Commerce, and market supervision and management departments:

Since the official launch of the National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System (hereinafter referred to as the publicity system), the local industry and commerce and market supervision departments have taken the lead in promoting the unified publicity and open sharing of corporate information in accordance with the unified deployment of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. , Efforts to improve the modernization of market supervision and governance capabilities, and achieved obvious results. In order to strengthen the application and management of the publicity system, ensure the stable operation of the publicity system, and give full play to the basic role of the publicity system in supporting the reform of the commercial system and the reform of "decentralization, management and service", the relevant issues are hereby notified as follows:

1. Fully understand the importance of strengthening the application and management of the publicity system

The publicity system is a corporate credit information publicity platform approved by the State Council. It is a statutory platform for companies to submit and publicize annual reports and instant information. It is a query platform for the public to use corporate credit information. It is a coordinated supervision and joint punishment by government departments at all levels. The work platform is an operating platform for the administration of industry and commerce and market supervision departments at all levels to carry out interim and ex-post supervision.

Strengthening the application and management of the publicity system is a pragmatic measure to accelerate the construction of a social credit system, an effective support for the establishment of a sound big data-assisted scientific decision-making and social governance mechanism, which is conducive to improving the credit restraint mechanism, standardizing the business behavior of enterprises, and enhancing supervision during and after the event. The scientific nature, accuracy, and timeliness of the company help to solve difficult problems such as insufficient grass-roots law enforcement resources, insufficient supervision and law enforcement accuracy, and lack of corporate integrity and self-discipline awareness. It is of great significance to innovating market supervision mechanisms and creating a good business environment.

Local industry, commerce and market supervision departments must fully understand the importance and urgency of strengthening the application and management of the publicity system, and regard strengthening the application and management of the publicity system as an important starting point for innovating the regulatory mechanism, deepening the reform of the commercial system, and creating a good business environment. Take measures simultaneously and make solid progress to provide stronger support for strengthening supervision during and after the event.

2. Accurately grasp the key tasks of strengthening the application and management of the publicity system

In accordance with the overall requirements of "one network collection, three parties use", solidly promote the comprehensive application and scientific management of the publicity system. "One network collection" refers to the realization of unified collection and publicity of government-related corporate information, corporate annual reports, and instant publicity information based on the integrated network platform of corporate credit information. "Tripartite use" refers to the service that enterprises actively accept social supervision, accumulate their own credit, and reap more credit dividends, serve all levels of government departments to share enterprise-related information, achieve work linkage, improve governance, and serve the public to inquire and judge enterprises Information and credit status, reduce institutional transaction costs, and avoid transaction risks.

1. Timely and comprehensively collect company-related information and promote the formation of corporate credit profile. Improve the corporate-related information collection mechanism of government departments, give full play to the leading role of industry and commerce and market supervision departments, and follow the principle of “who generates, provides, and who is responsible”, collects corporate-related information through multiple channels, and improves corporate-related information collection The overall coverage rate of government departments in the country, and promote the realization of "should be returned" and "should be publicized and publicized." Adhere to "who registers, who enters", "who handles the case, who enters", real-time collection of registration records, chattel mortgage registration, equity pledge registration, intellectual property pledge registration, trademark registration, administrative punishment, and random inspections Information such as inspection results, joint disciplinary action, simplified cancellation, business exception list, and list of severely illegal and untrustworthy companies ("blacklist"), and according to the division of responsibilities, promptly handle objection information, and do a good job in integrating the data platform with the State Administration for Industry and Commerce to move in Data circulation, cross-regional enterprise-related credit information circulation and registration, public information objection data exchange, simple cancellation of objection issuance and other systems for docking use. Continue to do a good job in corporate annual reports and related information publicity, pay more attention to the quality of annual reports on the basis of consolidating the annual report rate, strengthen the inspection of corporate annual report information and instant information publicity, strengthen the main responsibility of enterprises, and accelerate the formation of a multi-dimensional panoramic portrait of corporate credit information.

2. Accelerate the promotion of data collaboration and sharing, and effectively realize government supervision. Taking the opportunity of the integration and sharing of government information systems, speed up the interconnection and integration of the publicity system and other departmental information systems, realize the open sharing of corporate-related information of the publicity system at all levels of government affairs departments, and open up the "delegation, management, service, and service" reform data flow "meeting" , Simplify and optimize business procedures, reduce the cost of innovation and entrepreneurship for the masses. Effectively fulfill the duty of "dual notification", inform the departments and matters that need to apply for approval to enterprises whose business scope involves post-approval, and at the same time use the publicity system to coordinate the supervision platform to notify the approval department of the company's registration information by push or platform push , And establish and improve the technical means and management system for reminders. Continue to improve the publicity system's collaborative supervision platform function, promote market supervision work to realize data communication and business communication, and effectively support the implementation of reform measures such as "multi-certificate integration", "electronic business license", "license separation", "dual randomness, one disclosure" and other reform measures.

3. Deeply integrate online and offline supervision and steadily promote the governance of key issues. Combining daily supervision duties and tasks, through comparing and verifying the credit information of enterprises, conducting online and offline dynamic monitoring and verification of compliance with laws and regulations, fulfilling statutory responsibilities and obligations, and carrying out production and business activities by enterprises within the jurisdiction, forming online and offline supervision The work pattern of mutual coordination and mutual support of supervision. Through the inspection of enterprise registration information, pledged mortgages, information publicity, etc., relevant information such as administrative licensing, administrative punishment, supervision and inspection, complaints and reports, transfer, big data analysis, public opinion monitoring and other information can be found in a timely manner to find clues about corporate violations of laws and regulations. Promote governance and targeted supervision. Strictly implement the joint disciplinary memorandum, further sort out the list of joint disciplinary measures of various departments, rely on the public announcement system to improve the initiation, implementation and feedback mechanism of joint disciplinary action, and form the list of untrustworthy enterprises, market access restrictions, qualification restrictions, implementation of credit supervision, feedback punishment The complete closed loop of information promotes effective governance of illegal and dishonest behavior.

4. Deepen and expand the application of data resources, and effectively promote the early warning of regulatory risks. Establish and improve the comprehensive use of publicity system data resources to assist scientific decision-making and regulatory risk early warning mechanisms, relying on various enterprise-related information collected by the publicity system, effectively link Internet data resources, and promote the survival and development of enterprises, production and operation behaviors, and risks of violations of laws and regulations. Research, forecast, and early warning, and explore the establishment of rules, methods, indicators, and models for market supervision risk early warning. Combined with online monitoring and supervision, focus on high-risk industries and frequent violations of laws and regulations in the jurisdiction, and improve the ability to perceive, predict, and prevent risk factors. Focus on enterprises with higher risk levels as the focus of supervision, adhere to the problem-oriented approach, adopt a differentiated supervision method, reasonably determine the key supervision and inspection items and frequency of the jurisdiction, focus on improving the effectiveness of supervision and law enforcement, and give play to the guidance of risk early warning in supervision effect.

Third, make overall plans to strengthen the organization and implementation of the application and management of the publicity system

1. Establish a sound supervision and evaluation mechanism to ensure a strong and orderly promotion of overall coordination. Develop a specific implementation plan to strengthen the application and management of the publicity system, clarify the timetable, roadmap, and responsible persons, clarify, decompose and grasp the various tasks of the application and management layer by layer, and achieve the application of the publicity system. Full coverage, publicity system management without blind spots. Further strengthen the supervision and inspection, assessment and evaluation and reward and punishment mechanism construction of the application and management of the publicity system in this province (autonomous region, city), and implement the whole-process supervision on the application and management of the publicity system to ensure that it is implemented.

2. Establish a sound coordination mechanism to ensure comprehensive coverage of corporate information collection. Promote local party committees and governments to pay more attention to the operation, management, and use of the publicity system, establish and improve the coordination and cooperation mechanism of enterprise-related information collection and sharing, and full-process application, and accelerate the realization of comprehensive coverage of government departments' enterprise-related information collection. Actively perform the responsibility of taking the lead, establish and improve the unified coordination, division of labor and responsibility working mechanism and joint consultation system, and strengthen the organization and coordination of the management of the corporate information collection and publicity system application management of the government departments at the corresponding level. Further improve and expand the functions of the publicity system, and strengthen coordination, resource sharing and seamless connection with relevant government departments.

3. Establish a sound quality control mechanism to ensure that the data in the publicity system is accurate and reliable. Accelerate the deployment of application data inspection function modules to improve the accuracy of corporate information collection and publicity data. Organize and carry out data quality inspections, and do a good job in data collection, transmission and summary, conversion monitoring, application sharing, and situation reporting, so as to achieve the implementation rate of publicity system data standards. Promote the open sharing and comparison and verification of the publicity data of the publicity system to the sharing exchange platform and local government affairs system in an orderly manner in accordance with the law, and promote the interconnection and intercommunication of the publicity system collaborative supervision platform and the local government government affairs information system to create favorable conditions for the improvement of the publicity system data quality.

4. Establish a sound publicity and training mechanism to ensure that the application management work takes root. Comprehensive use of broadcasting, television, newspapers, the Internet, self-media and other communication media, through shooting feature films and commercials, organizing press conferences, opening newspapers and periodicals and other forms, in-depth introduction of the publicity system, forming a public awareness system for the whole society , Use the publicity system and trust the publicity system for a good environment. Increase the training on the application and management of the publicity system of industry and commerce, market supervision departments and other government departments, keep abreast of the dynamics of various departments at all levels relying on the publicity system to perform their regulatory responsibilities, and strengthen targeted coordination services, answer questions, and urge and promote , To effectively strengthen the wide awareness and in-depth application of the publicity system in the whole society.


Transfer from the source State Administration for Industry and Commerce

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